Customer Services

Custom Services for your Personalized Travel itinerary

Our goal is to create a seamless travel experience by getting to know your wishes and priorities, then putting it all together for the journey of your dreams.

As professionals, we research and find the perfect fit for our clients in order to fulfill your wishes

We understand and respect any special needs and will handle the planning of such a trip with excellent care.

All SunnyCoolBreeze & Travel clients receive VIP status with our worldwide network of airlines, hotels, villas, cruise lines, and tour operators.

Clients Customized Itinerary Services

The clients customized itinerary design we include the total

The itineraries we design include every component of your trip so you can relax and enjoy every bit of your vacation without worrying about the details. Once you are completely satisfied with your itinerary, we will book with a deposit, payment and confirming all parts of your itinerary.

Destinations selection
We have itineraries for your review on our website or we will provide a selection.
We take your interests and travel style into account before recommending any destination, accommodations and experience. One of the many important aspects of planning a vacation is ensuring the destination is the right fit for the travelers.

International, Domestic Air Travel
We provide you with the best flight options for your trip. Coach, Business Class or Private Jets. If you have loyalty points or miles available you are welcome to use them for flights.

Accommodations, Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Cruises and more
We fund accommodations that are best suited for you and your travel party. So, whether you prefer large resort, boutique style hotels, luxury villas or in or out of the city, we will make the perfect accommodations for you.

Ground transportation, Airport transfers, trains and more
Another key point in traveling and having a seamless experience is for the logistics for the trip to be planned before travel. Our itineraries have tour ground transportation included so when you arrive at the airport someone will be waiting to whisk you to your hotel accommodation. If you have a level up itinerary to multi-stops, your train, flights and car service will also be pre-arranged.

Day Excursion/ Unique Experience
We plan experience and explore excursions with knowledge guide offer for unforgettable experiences during your trip. Our private excursions are hand selected based on your interests.

Cruise-European Rivera, Yachts and Pre/Post Land Packages
We review your interest and travel style into account when recommending accommodations that will best suit you.

During Planning & Travel
We partner with travel suppliers for your destination. All travelers will have contact information to reach someone if you require assistance during your trip. We will be available 24/7 from the time you book until you return.

Travel explore, experience creates lifelong of treasure memories.
When traveling during retirement it may look different from travelling in the past.
You now can travel off peak seasonal season, extended, cost and plan
We can do a five year plan that can include cost estimates, destination and experience.
You will have control over how you want it when you would like to travel.
Your Dreams are reality and can be possible with appropriate planning.

Travel with the kids/ Grandkids
Take the grands to see the world with many treasures to explore World Cruises Sail from many ports of your choice. Experience exotic itineraries from Mediterranean to the Caribbean or South Pacific touring cliffs and charming towns to round out the journey before returning home.
Great & Unique Upon request we can discuss five-year planning.

Agency Fee
During an initial complimentary consultation we will get to know each other and discuss options for your trip.
After our complimentary consultation we will research the best option from your traveler questionnaire with flights, hotels, excursions and villas. We are not affiliated with any hotel or cruises company so our priority is your experience.
Our design fee starts at $125 and depends on group size. After this non-refundable fee is paid you only pay for your trip.